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Got a pesky ex ruining an otherwise great photo? Need an old friend or colleague removed from one of your favorite photos? Remove Ex is here to save the day.

Life happened, people come and go from our lives, and for better or worse, we need to move on. But why should we let great photos and great memories be spoilt by people no longer in our lives? Remove Ex is a team of photoshop experts with years of image editing experience. We use our skills to remove people from your photos and deliver you with a new super high-quality image, minus the Ex in question.

How It Works

  1. Choose how many photos you need that someone removed from
  2. Tell us who to remove & any other notes we need to know
  3. Order & pay
  4. Receive your new photo or photos within 7 business days


Important Details

  • Package: 1 photo
  • Turnaround: up to 7 days


  • 1x Photo with Ex Removed

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