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Fulfilled by our friends at Crated with Love

Rooted in Love – An unbe-leaf-able date night game for two!

Dont let that one finicky fern discourage you — growth is all about learning from mistakes, nurturing the good things in life, and having a healthy dash of patience. Fronds Ferndidand the Ferns slow death will not be in vain.

This date night box includes a series of plant-based games focused on help your and your partner laugh while helping you create some connection!

Relationship focus: Growth, Patience, Nurturing

Caring for plants brings us zen and a deep understanding of patience. Different plants might take more or less sunlight, water, fertilizer, root care, and more. Some plants are notoriously difficult to care for. Others thrive under the harshest conditions. Its all about knowing what works best for your plants and giving them the nurturing they need. Not unlike plants, relationships need special tending. Every relationship is different, so having patience and an open heart is key. Talk about your relationship as a living, breathing thing. Ask your partner how you can best nurture it, and let your partner know how they can best nurture it as well. Needs can change frequently, so always try to check in regularly and keep working on the things that work for you two.

And remember, cactus makes perfect!

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