SEE/RESCUE Streamer Lighted Safety and Rescue Device for $79

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Whether you are stranded in snowy backcountry or lost on a hiking trail, the See/Rescue®Streamer highlights your location so you stand out against your surroundings. The SEE/RESCUE®STREAMER is a patented emergency signaling technology that is used by military organizations worldwide. The NEW lighted SEE/RESCUE® STREAMER provides day and night signaling capability. The personal See/Rescue® is the size of a cell phone, providing safety and peace of mind that can be stowed or clipped anywhere.

  • Superior visibility. Designed to attract the attention of rescuers or mark wilderness areas
  • Military approved & adopted. Used by military organizations worldwide
  • Military grade chem-lights & retro-reflectors.
    Provide active & passive night signalling & visible from miles away
  • Handy & convenient. Can be stowed or clipped anywhere
  • Proven & tested. Draws attention from rescuers who are scanning the ground



  • Color: Black, Orange
  • Dimensions: 1.4″H x 6.6″ L x 2.5″W
  • Deployed Size: 300”L x 6”W
  • Stowed Size: 2in in diameter x 6in long
  • Weight: 7oz
  • Military grade chem-lights
  • Retro-reflectors
  • Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty


  • SEE/RESCUE Streamer Lighted Safety and Rescue Device (Personal Holster)

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