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TaskPad Mini is a multifunctional mouse pad with a built-in wireless charger. The stain-proof material always looks clean and professional, making it the perfect addition to any office set-up. The slim, foldable design also makes it great for travel and remote workplaces.

  • MICROTEXTURED TO MATCH MOUSE MOVEMENTS – The premium material provides a classic leather look and ample space to flawlessly track mouse movement. Plus overheat protection to prevent your phone battery from heating up.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO CABLE CLUTTER – Keep your phone charged without any messy cables. Just put it down and power up. The 10W output charger will hold a charge once it’s full. It also includes a phone stand to prop your phone up while it charges.
  • STYLE & COMFORT – The perfect balance of firm padding for wrist and forearm support and slim depth for a sleek aesthetic
  • SLEEK PROFESSIONAL LOOK – Water-resistant, anti-scratch, and stain-proof so you never have to worry about spilling coffee – it will always look sleek and professional
  • POWER THROUGH YOUR WORKDAY – Always have your phone fully charged when you need it – no more dropped phone calls because your phone died

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